Please note that the quarterly budget for each team has been adjusted for FY20. To learn more about the new budget as well as upcoming OKTA integration please check the FAQ on the Merch Intranet:

Frequently Asked Questions



• How do I get an account? You will need to ‘Sign Up’ on the merch portal. Please use your Meraki gmail when creating an account. Once you click the link on your confirmation email the backend team will create your account with your allocated budget. This takes up to one business day. There will be no email to indicate account creation is complete, simply try to login.
If you have any issues (after one business day has passed) reach out to

• I have a new hire starting, how do I get them a login? Please reach out to with their name, role, and start date.

• When I login I don’t see anything! Did you only sign up recently? If so, please note: it takes 24 hours for the Merch Store Team to create your account. If it’s been longer than 24 hours, please reach out to



• Wait, what happened to the merch kits we used to get in sales? Instead of choosing a preset box of items per team, we’re giving each individual control over what merch will help them run their business. You can order 1 water bottle now and 10 pairs of socks later. The world is your oyster!

• How do I order items? The portal acts like any other e-commerce store, but for now you will only be able to make purchases if you are one of the teams with budget allocation: Field Marketing, Channel Marketing, Channel Sales, Inside/Field Sales.

• What kind of shipping turnaround can I expect? If you have an overnight or 2-day ship period,your order must be in before 11am PDT to make it on the truck for delivery. Please plan accordingly.

• When will my order arrive? Can I track the shipping?  You can find your tracking number on the portal. (Account > My Orders)

• What do I do if I have a question about my order? If it is a logistics question (tracking, order specifics, turn-around time, address updates, etc.) reach out to our Portal team at

• My order didn’t arrive! Reach out to the Portal team at, they’ll be able to track down the shipment if your tracking number doesn’t provide enough information.

• My order got stuck in customs, what do I do?  You will need to reach out to FedEx or your shipping carrier to clear the item from customs. Please reach out to if you have any questions about the items.

• What if I need to return part or all of my order?  Reach out to the Portal team for next steps



• Do I get any budget for merch? We are able to accommodate the following teams currently: Field Marketing, Channel Marketing, Channel Sales, Inside Sales, Field Sales. Depending on your role you will have an individual budget attached to your account, no need for codes or credit cards.

• What happens if I run out of budget? Until we open up Credit Card use on the portal, there will be no way to pad your budget if you run out. So track your orders!

• When will Credit Card purchases go live on the portal? We’re shooting for Q2 FY19.

• I was good, I didn’t run out! Will my budget roll over?  Yay! And no, lol. Use it or lose it. So tracking will help you get your budget’s worth!


**Please note: the ordering of Table Top Kits is not yet available but will be rolling out shortly. If you have an event taking place in the next 2-3 weeks please email to make arrangements.**

Table Top Kits

• How far in advance do I need to order my kit? The sooner you let us know, the more we can do to make sure a kit is available for your event. Best practice, place your order 2-3 weeks before the event.

• What happens if I don't get my kit in time for the event? Kits should typically arrive 1-2 days prior to the event date. If for some unforeseen reason your kit has not arrived, we will do our best to send a kit overnight. Please reach out to

• Where do I drop off my kit after the event? Search for the closest FedEx Kinkos store and drop it off there. Or you can leave it with your hotel and arrange a FedEx pickup. The label is already prepaid so there should be no extra cost with FedEx. Hotels may charge an extra fee.

• What if I need more merchandise or collateral than is offered in the kit? If you need additional merchandise or collateral, you must make your own order using the Portal and your individual budget. No exceptions.

• What if I only need merchandise or collateral but not the rest of the kit? Reach out to so we can work together to get what you need.

• What if items are missing from the kit? Please reach out to We may be able to send items overnight if you reach out early enough in the day.

• Um… I may have broken or lost something… It happens, please reach out to

• Can I get an iMac or iPad to use for demos at the event? We do not provide iMacs or iPads for tabletop kit events.



• What if my Cisco counterpart or Partner wants to buy merch? Can they get credit? We are not supporting Cisco or Partners on the portal at the moment. Once Credit Card purchases go live, you will be able to buy merchandise for your Cisco counterpart or Partner but this will not be available until FY19 Q2.

• The item I want is not shown on the store! We will have some staples that will be stocked continually, but once in a while we’ll cycle some items out and new items in. If there’s something you absolutely need, drop a line to

• I have an idea for a merch item! Who should I tell? We’d love to hear it! Let us know at

• Can I ask you all to design something new? Please reach out to and we’ll see what we can do.

• I have a bug to report, who can I contact? Please contact, we’d love your help fine tuning the Portal and processes!


Protecting Your Data

Cisco cares about the proper use and protection of your personal information. For more details, please read the store's Privacy Policy.


Shipping Information

Our goal is 100% accuracy on quantity and timelines for all shipments. RMG processes orders Monday-Friday. All orders for in-stock merchandise are shipped within 48 hours. Rush orders are shipped same day provided they are transmitted before 3:00 p.m.EST.
All orders should arrive with a packing slip. Please confirm that all the information on the packing slip is consistent with the materials in the box. Also make note of any damage to the box should you find a discrepancy. If you have questions, there is an 888 number listed on the packing slip.


Proposition 65 Notice

Products being shipped to California will contain a notification sticker identifying that an item or items in the package have been identified by the state of California to cause cancer, birth defects, or other reproductive harm.


About Robertson Marketing

Robertson Marketing is Cisco’s branded merchandise partner. We manage this online store and the Cisco campus retail stores in San Jose, California, and Research Triangle Park (RTP), North Carolina, USA. Robertson also has an experienced special/custom order merchandise team that can suggest and source items for events or programs. We operate a fulfillment and decorating facility with screen printing, embroidery and digital printing capabilities. If you need assistance with your special/custom order needs or products not available in the online store, please contact